Will this really work for me? 

Yes. Without a doubt. What you will learn here will transform your singing and your life. What I teach is exactly what I have used successfully in my own singing journey and what has created success and singing happiness for so many women. Some of these women were sure they couldn’t sing a note in the beginning and have gone on to do amazing things.


What do women go on to do vocally?

The possibilities are endless. Each woman defines her own exciting version of singing success. For example: join or start bands, host and perform in living room concerts, record original songs and albums, join choirs, wow their friends at Karaoke, audition for musicals, create women's empowerment shows, go back to school for music, and so much more. But in a word, sing!

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How will I change as a singer?

You will be the same amazing you-just with more vocal skills and control, and more confidence, freedom, joy and belief in yourself so you can have more fun singing.

My work is about giving you a solid vocal foundation you can rely on for as long as you sing.  And while you're doing that, you'll also: unplug from perfectionism & unhealthy comparisons, embrace your unique musical magnificence, increase productivity, creativity, motivation and focus, manage your fear, shyness, self-consciousness, and truly love your voice and want to share it. 

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Will the confidence help me in life too?

100% yes! Singing gives you so much strength and joy. Women who empower their voice singing also: confidently ask for raises, courageously speak their mind at meetings, dates, and family events, quit unfulfilling jobs and go after dreams, trust their intuition, attract supportive romantic partners who are supportive, prioritize self-care, start acting, build businesses, take time to travel and have adventure, study spirituality, run the NYC marathon, and so much more.