Past Programs

Shine On Stage & Beyond Program:

This is a life-changing one-year program that will take your singing to the next level. It provides the tools, technique, systems and structure around practice, accountability and support so that you can define and experience singing success on your terms. Because all the coaching is customized to your specific needs and goals, this program can serve as a solid and comprehensive foundation for those with little to no singing background, or it can serve a more advanced singer and songwriter who wants to get back to basics, build her vocal skills, dig deeper, and experience more freedom, power, confidence and joy on stage.

The Shine On Stage & Beyond Program welcomes self-aware, creative, soulful women 18+ who want to dramatically improve their singing skills, befriend and move past shyness, fear and self-consciousness, and develop their artistry in a healthy, conscious and lasting way. It includes live performance opportunities, full-day performance retreats, singing classes, private lessons, community and much more, all in a supportive and fun atmosphere that is designed to help you become the confident, expressive and skilled singer you want to be.

To learn more about how this program may benefit you, click here: Shine On Stage & Beyond Program


Get On Stage & Sing Program:

If you’ve always wanted to do your own show but didn’t know how to even start, this program is for you. In this six-month inspirational program, you will learn step-by-step how to plan, prepare for and perform your very own solo show. You’ll learn best practices on how to choose songs and keys, hire a band, choose a venue, and how to move through fear. It includes in-person sessions with Ruth, small group performance classes, rehearsals, backstage support and much more.

I will be holding space for you to bring forward your unique vision into reality by setting up systems and structures around practice and preparation to help you stay clear, focused and motivated. By show time you will be ready inside and out to rock the stage, wow your audience, and embrace the inspiring, dynamic, exciting and beautiful singer you are.

*This program is for women who have completed the Shine On Stage & Beyond Program, or who have some significant experience performing already.

To learn more about how this program may benefit you, click here: Get on Stage & Sing Program

Singer/Songwriter Mentoring Program:

If you’re a singer/songwriter (or want to be)-this is for you! This empowering program is all about supporting you to be more YOU as you write and perform your music. It champions your artistic evolution with unparalleled care and sensitivity. Go deeper into your truth and vision as an artist, receive guidance as you walk through the inherent challenges that you face as a performing artist, learn how how to harmonize and balance your time/energy and create supportive structure and boundaries around your practice and work. Get clearer on how you want to live your life as an artist and what you want to say, where, how and to whom. Achieve greater success, freedom, productivity and fulfillment in your most juicy and ambitious performing, recording, and writing projects. This program includes in-person and/or online sessions, VIP days, and opportunities for feedback and guidance at your recording studio, backstage at your shows and at every stage of your process.

To learn more about how this program may benefit you, click here: Singer/Songwriter Mentoring Program

“I am more conscious of how I relate to the audience when I am singing and I am singing with more confidence and freedom than when I first started. I feel more comfortable with just letting go.”

“Studying with Ruth has been well worth the financial investment because I am seeing results. Ruth has given me specific sets of exercises and techniques that help me when I am challenged with certain aspects of a song. The most important thing I learned with Ruth so far is that I can sing because I want to sing and I don’t need anyone’s permission.Ruth really cares about my voice, my song, my feelings. She is warm, sensitive, funny and empathetic. She has given the most important thing a teacher can give – the knowledge and confidence to keep learning on my own. Try it. You have little to lose and a lot to gain.”

~M. Feinberg, Manhattan

“Working with Ruth has allowed me to believe in the way I want to sing, perform and express myself.”

“My experience working with Ruth has been so positive and enlightening. It has taught me ranges and control that I didn’t know I’d be able to master. She helps guide you on the road you wish to be led and not on one she wants you to take. Thank you for helping me with the gift of music!

~Toby Herman, NYC

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