“I feel much happier, joyful and more open and centered. Even at the end of the very first lesson I felt transformed. Not only was the way that I sang the song more confident and expressive thanks to Ruth’s suggestions, but I felt comfortable to let go of my inhibition.”

“I didn’t believe my voice was capable of changing that much, but I’ve grown far more than I ever could have predicted. Not only in terms of my vocal ability, but my confidence has grown and Ruth is an incredible teacher. She is poised and goes deeply into the moment and brings out things in me I wasn’t even aware of. She doesn’t set limits or judge what you are capable of. You really feel the sky isn’t even a limit. She is very thoughtful, perceptive, and truly present and caring. She treats you as a whole person and doesn’t make you feel foolish for having dreams. Ruth has a rare gift of being able to help each individual based on their given needs. Go, you won’t regret it. It will enhance your whole being.” ~Sasha Siem , England/NYC