“She is somehow able to balance the technical aspects of the voice and singing with a holistic view of what it truly means to be a singer and express yourself.”

“My experience taking vocal lessons from Ruth was truly transformative. I am completely amazed at the progress I’ve made and how far I’ve come since I started taking lessons from Ruth about a year ago. I hadn’t been singing for long, and I’d had several teachers before meeting Ruth who, I felt, were never quite able to take me that extra mile. With Ruth it was immediately apparent that she was the right vocal coach for me. Not only did she provide clear and practical instruction on vocal technique, she also gave me the tools that I needed to truly feel like a singer. Now when I rehearse, I do so with the utmost confidence in my voice and I’m constantly referring back to the tips and advice that Ruth shared with me. No matter what your background or skill level is, I am certain Ruth will be able to help you find your voice. I cannot recommend her enough. I’m so grateful for her support in my journey to become a singer and an artist.”

Samantha Pathe, Singer/Songwriter NYC

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