Respecting Myself + My Artistic Needs

“Having the possibility to do this program over Skype (from Spain, my home country) is a blessing, since I was really interested in it but didn’t feel ready to move to NY, and I also couldn’t find anything quite like it in my area.

To me, at least at this point in my life, this is a very convenient way of learning, and although some lessons are a bit late at night over here, it feels really comfortable to learn from the safety of my home, and I am lucky enough that I can afford to sleep more the next day and recover! :)”

Acknowledging my needs as an artist and a person and start expressing them (first to myself, then to others). Also committing to a daily practice. These are ways of respecting myself and my art way more than I used to.

Vocally, I have noticed great improvements in my vibrato and in how I’m able to sing loudly with less strain. I’m also accepting more my voice as it is, opening myself to the possibility that it might already be beautiful. When I sing in front of people, I’m able to be a bit less in my head and more into the music than I used to be, although I still have much to learn in that respect. Moreover, being in this program has been a catalyst for starting to make long-needed changes in my home in terms of decluttering, re-organizing and acquiring new things, and also for taking much better care of my body. It is also impacting how I view and deal with my relationships in general – really, I feel that I’m leaving no stone unturned, so it’s a lot of work and change, and it can feel overwhelming at times, but I believe that it’s totally worth it (at least it’s worth the try!).

I feel that singing (and speaking) in front of the group while in class is like a preparation for doing it on stage, and in class, although still challenging for me, I can be aware of and work on my issues (either vocal or emotional) in a much safer and less stressing way. I also find it very enriching to be in touch with and acknowledge the variety within us -of ages, styles, needs, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

I am very grateful for feeling that, after many years of search, I’ve finally hit the spot, and the tools and advice that I’m receiving are fitting really well with me. That doesn’t mean that there’s no effort on my behalf, but strangely this effort comes with a certain quality of ease to it, like it’s the right thing for me to do. I think that this in itself is already a great thing to celebrate!

I think that what has surprised me the most are the small but significant ways in which I keep investing in myself beyond my singing (like acquiring a drill, or a skirt, or a nutcracker, or a bunch of colored markers). I am more open to giving myself things that bring me joy.”

Teresa C. – Skype Student, Spain