“Ruth’s gentle and holistic approaches to coaching helped me grow musically, emotionally and spiritually and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

“Many years ago, I was a vocal major at a performing arts high school. Although I was offered admission only after having to audition, I never believed I was a “good enough” singer and questioned how I could have possibly been accepted to attend this school with so many other talented people. For years I chose to never talk about my talent out of fear that someone would ask me to sing for them; because if they were as harsh on my voice as I have always been on myself, they would probably laugh in my face.

Then something happened in 2012; I simply got tired. I got tired of wondering what would happen if I really allowed myself to embrace the artist in me. I got tired of the limiting fear and I started to really desire an experience where I could express myself in song and music.

So I began my search online for a vocal coach and as I read Ruth’s words on the Total Singer Support site, it seemed to me that we would be a good match. After speaking with her, I was convinced that I wanted to embark on this journey with Ruth. For six months, we worked together to improve my technique and quiet down the voices in my head that were holding me back. Initially I started as a huge ball of nervousness, fear and discomfort but then I slowly started to open up. I began to look forward to the lessons, I actually talked to people about my singing, I practiced, I sounded better, I found myself singing with more frequency and I was much happier for it all. Then, just as I was growing so much as a singer and overcoming fear….I plateaued! I lost interest and I didn’t know why.

Ruth worked with me to try and identify what was occurring and presented a new challenge for me: a small intimate performance for friends and family. As intimidating as it was, I embraced the idea and we worked on the music and planned “the show” in detail step by step leaving no stone unturned so that I would feel the most expressed and comfortable. Come performance time, I was incredibly nervous and scared but there was no backing down. My family and friends, Ruth included, were there to provide me with all the support in the world. At the end of it all, the performance was such a wonderful experience and left me on a high for weeks. I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. This journey showed me that I am a singer and that I am more than my fears. Every single cent and second of it was completely worth it and I am grateful to have had experienced this with Ruth by my side; she was amazing through this entire process.”

-Dalia Trinidad, NYC