New Level of Emotional Expression

“​What was impossible for me before the program was having the confidence to share my voice. I also struggled with “what’s the point. I’m no good anyway”. Ruth really helped me to see that not only is my voice unique but that’s it’s a gift to share with the world. Ruth has provided us with a series of amazing vocal exercises that have really helped me develop my voice. My sound is much fuller and more resonant than when I started and I’m able to bring a level of emotion to my songs that I couldn’t express before. ​I’ve learned so much from the group setting. Watching Ruth interact with each person in the group was so informative. Just by observing I learned so many techniques and vocal exercises that I use in my own warm up’s. I could really relate to certain things each person was challenged by and apply it to my own development which was very useful.  I randomly found Ruth online. When I read her website “total singer support” I was in tears. I felt gotten and understood in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. Just by reading the text on her site, I knew she’d be a great fit for me. Ruth really has a strong and loving presence with a sensitive ear and big heart. She is highly trained musically so when you put all those qualities together it’s like magic working with her. The women in this group are also phenomenal and I’m so grateful to be able to express myself in such a safe and supportive environment. ​Since taking Ruth’s class I’ve started playing guitar and joined a band. I feel more confident putting myself out there and just having fun. My parter and I have also started writing music together and it’s brought us closer together in general. Our level of intimacy has grown and it has inspired our friends and family to start doing things they love as well. ​I have to say that I wrote a song about my sister’s struggle with addiction and have worked a lot on developing this song. I shared it with her a few weeks ago and was shocked to hear she is newly sober. I think the power of music and self expression is underestimated. When we share our authentic voice it has an enormous impact on others and in the world. In this course I’ve come to understand that it’s our responsibility to know our own greatness and how getting in touch with our power gives everyone else around us permission to do the same.

Cassie Fireman