I realized that I do have a voice to share

“My singing before working with Ruth was almost nonexistent. At least in the more serious/professional sense. I was really only singing at karaoke and I felt like working with Ruth opened up my eyes to what singing really could be for me. Before, I would feel like I wasn’t a real singer and let myself believe that people wouldn’t and shouldn’t take me seriously when I did sing. But after working with Ruth, I realized that I do have a voice to share and people enjoy listening. It made me feel more confident just breaking into song whenever and also singing in front of people. I learned about the different strengths and weaknesses I had in my voice…and how to make the strengths shine through, whether that was with a certain note or by choosing a certain song. I also developed more confidence in myself as a real singer. I feel like now I can sing in front of people no matter where I am – it doesn’t have to be at a karaoke bar. Having the small group performances really helped me. I realized that other people were in the same boat as me and were just looking for some guidance and support as well. I enjoyed hearing the other girls sing and it gave me confidence to really go for it. Finally, I also learned to really tap into the emotion of a song and pull from something inside so I could relate that back to my audience.

I want other women to know how warm, inviting, and open Ruth is. She makes you feel like she’s known you for years. And she makes an effort to get to know the little things about you that make you unique (like the fact that I’m from Texas and love it more than anything). 🙂 Ruth is also extremely patient and understanding. She will walk you through any issue you have during practice – she only wants the best for you and wants you to succeed. I loved how positive she was all the time and how much she truly seemed to enjoy listening to everyone sing. I also loved that Ruth was so open to country music and fell in love with Texas after hearing ”Strawberry wine”! 😉 But mostly, I loved how she opened my singing ability and made me realize that I did have the confidence to really sing with emotion.

My work with Ruth inspired me to keep singing and have more emotion in my voice and to really get into the songs. It also helped me realize that I can sing well and I am a real singer.” :))

-Katie Alling, NY