From Back-Up Singer to Lead Vocalist!

“I’ve made the transition from back-up singer in another person’s band to lead vocalist in my own Rock Band.  This has been challenging and an ongoing learning experience.  However, it has always been one of my dreams to be in my own band and now that is happening in real life!  So the challenge has brought forth tremendous growth for me as a musician. I am in the process of learning these new and different vocal exercises that help me improve my breath, enunciation and voice control. I am learning song dynamics and working on improving my expression of the songs. The Group Experience is so interesting.  Each person brings different vocal experiences and gifts that we share with each other.  Each person in the group is teaching me and inspiring me.  There is tremendous support in the group.  I am grateful for the new friendships that are developing with the other people in this group. I am grateful for this music education and celebrating that this process is moving me forward and encouraging me to grow and bloom as a musician.

Participating in this program has brought to light in a new way, with a new perspective, that my music influences my life and my life influences my music.  I really like how we are in essence studying and analyzing our songs, carefully paying attention to the music, the lyrics and how it all reflects and connects with our lives. The “Shine On Stage and Beyond Program” is very unique, creative and enriching.  I believe that my musical ability is getting stronger each day.”

Liz Giugliano