I’m So Brave Now

“Practicing my voice and warming up on my own was extremely painful both physically because my vocal chords would become strained easily after years of not practising and emotionally because I could hear that my voice did not sounds they it used to when I sang a lot. It was also nearly impossible for me to talk to my friends or family about singing because it was too painful emotionally.

I have already noticed the natural blending of registers as my bridge strengthens – this will be a long process and it is ugly at first but so exciting! I am stronger now and so I have more stamina when singing. I am able to talk more freely about the process of singing and about my love for singing and my classes. I am beginning to feel more like a “singer” – something I haven’t been able to call myself for 10+ years!

At first I was nervous about “ripping the bandaid off” and singing in front of a group of people I’d never met – but this in a way actually made it a lot easier – especially because I knew that everyone here is also going through a similar process and is working on their own voice. I immediately felt acceptance and a deep sense of gratitude to be among women who are indeed working towards similar goals.We support one another completely and that is very comforting – I have not experienced this anywhere else in my performance life. Artistically I actually feel braver and more confident about taking risks – both because I see other people taking risks and because I am more attuned to where I can make braver choices of my own.

I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive group of female vocalists – all of whom I admire. I feel grateful to have Ruth as a teacher because she supports me unconditionally and also pushes me past my comfort zone – amazing how she can do both – it’s like magic! I am celebrating just getting back out and doing the work of singing – it’s a great feeling.

I have begun to rebuild a relationship with singing and with singing and my family – one that has been broken and riddled with expectations and fear for a long time. I am taking an active role in my own personal development as a singer – much more active than ever before – and that is empowering and inspiring. I am no longer “following directions” but am instead taking advice, coming up with new ideas, and doing a lot of the work all while knowing I have full guidance and support from Ruth and the class. Thank you, Ruth!”

Maggie Ridge.