“I had to learn something that is particularly an issue to me, that is to be kind to myself and let myself enjoy the experience of singing.”

“I’ve always loved singing but for many reasons I never took it professionally. Life guided me to other directions but I’ve always, secretly, regretted not exploring music the way I wished. This regret, as time passed, became a sort of grief. So, 2 years ago I decided to deal with this issue and to stop suffering about something that should be a passion, not a pain. Since then it’s been a very intense and long way. When I decided to take the decision of singing seriously, I started searching for a program that could help me with stage fear, insecurity and self judgement, among other things. I was decided to dive in an intensive process of study and practice of singing in order to develop my skills and start singing professionally. When I first read Ruth’s website, her program seemed tailored for me. So we started working on line, by Skype, as I live in Brazil. This experience was already very surprising, as I realized Ruth is a very careful, professional and skilled coach. After some classes I decided to go further and travel to NY to have a “live experience.

I finished the program in May and I can tell that I’m in a completely different stage than I was 6 months before. Ruth helped me in so many ways. Her classes combine both mental and vocal exercises. As I was already very committed to taking this huge step, I believe my engagement to the program was essential. So I was very open to what Ruth had to teach me and even if it was a great challenge sometimes, I was willing to get the best out of the program, what means I was willing to fight my difficulties and mental block. This was eased by a safe, comfort environment provided by Ruth. She is incredibly welcoming, trustful and kind. At the same time she was always challenging me to overcome my own fear and get out of my comfort zone. My voice is stronger and more clear as is my wish to take singing to the “next level”. Stimulated by this new feelings and skills I recorded, while in NY and along with friends, a song that developed into a music video. Back in Brazil, I scheduled my first solo gig as a singer. All of this was possible because working with Ruth was the “icing on the cake” of a very long path towards getting courage to sing. Working with her was essential for me to feel confident and comfortable with my own voice. She challenged me to do new things, like accompanying myself with the guitar and than playing and singing in a stand position, something I had never done before! Overcoming these challenges made me feel stronger and powerful. Therefore I’m singing in a freely, easygoing way. As Ruth engages voice exercises with a very deep emotional and mental work, one thing influences the other in a very positive way. So through working with my voice I developed power and courage and vice-versa because becoming a more confident person helped me with the singing.

Now I’m planning to keep singing live, keep making performances in cozy, small venues. I never dreamed about being famous, my only dream was to be able to share my life’s passion, which is music, with other people. And in order to do that I had to understand and interiorize (for what Ruth was fundamental) that it’s all about emotion and kindness. So if you’re open to the experience of music yourself then you can share with others; if you let music touch you, then, you can touch other people. For that I had to learn something that is particularly an issue to me, that is to be kind to myself and let myself enjoy the experience of singing.”

-Fernanda Faya, Brazil

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