Ruth is a Combo Nurturer + Task Mistress

“I always loved to sing, the feeling of connection in particular that it gave me.  I love that feeling of shared experience, both as an audience member and as a performer.  To me, there is nothing better.   If I can convey an emotion or experience and touch someone else’s soul through music, I am in my happiest place on earth or in the universe! However, as time passed and life went on, I stopped singing. And then I lost my voice, my ability to sing on key, my ability to just “get it out” of my body and into the world.   I really thought it was gone forever, and I can say with great certainty that for me this was a tragedy.

I searched around for many months trying to determine who could offer me the help I knew I needed, and after coming back to Ruth’s website again and again, reading what she had to say about the way she taught and her commitment to teaching women in particular, AND listening to my gut, I felt I had to take the first step and check her out.

From the moment we spoke on our initial getting to know you call, I knew Ruth was right for me.  She listened with care and attention to what I told her about my situation, and understood the deeper motivation behind my desire to sing again, and made me feel that no, all was not lost. I have seen great improvement overall, starting with my speaking voice.  People who know me and see me every day have remarked that they can hear me much better now when I speak.  And I feel that my speaking voice projects more, and is stronger overall.  My singing voice, while still prone to cracking at times, has still improved greatly.

Also, through both the private classes and group sessions, I have been able to expose my new music to an audience, albeit a small one!  And I’ve been able to feel the joy of performing and connection again, something missing for so long.   It’s been difficult to sing in front of people, especially people who don’t know how my voice used to sound, but it has also been liberating to learn I can still reach them with my words and music and even my voice, imperfect as it still is.  I find that Ruth is a perfect combination of nurturer and taskmaster (mistress?).  She will push and insist and push again, even knowing my frustration with myself, and then can explain the process I’m going through in an understanding way that provides calm and reassurance.

I would recommend Ruth highly to anyone looking to find their voice (and I mean that in many ways).  If you appreciate what I call the “natural” voice – i.e. one that does not sound stiff, false and overly trained – her method and manner of teaching will get you where you want to go.”

Susan Enterline