“I really didn’t know if I’d even be able to sing. Now I feel so much confident-even at work!”

“I got amazing results! I can’t believe the transformation I went through. It was life-changing and the whole experience helped me to value what is important to me and stop pushing it down and shrinking. I always wanted to sing but everyone said I was tone deaf. I had never really sung in front of anyone-not even my husband! I wanted to be unafraid to sing casually. I wanted singing to feel more natural. But I didn’t have the courage to be myself, I didn’t value myself and my needs. Ruth’s exercises freed my voice to come out without my mind getting in the way. Then I was able to sing in a way I couldn’t imagine before.

I feel closer to myself and less afraid. It was so valuable to do something scary and discover I could do it! I feel so much more confident. And Ruth is such a caring person. Whatever you sound like or think you sound like is not important. She will find a way unique to your needs to help you get there. You will stronger and more confident. You will value yourself more. You will think about life in a whole new way.”

~Sam J , NYC