What is Holistic?

A mind/body approach to singing (and life).

Your voice is not separate from you. It is you.

A holistic approach simply means coming from the understanding that everything is connected. Your singing carries with it all of who you are-your experiences, your feelings, your dreams, your pain, your soul. We don't shut down or push away anything. Rather, we welcome and make space for all of you to feel safe to show up and be seen and held. With this approach, you feel free, fearless, and empowered to sing from your whole heart and soul. 

What to Expect?

Empathy-Hum0r-Honesty-Fun-Tons of Growth & Zero Judgment.

  • Songs that you love and want to sing (you choose)

  • Vocal technique tailored your unique vocal needs

  • Supportive and empowering coaching to help you shine.


Sing in a healthy way

Eliminate strain, tension, fatigue

cracking, airiness & breaks while you increase:

  • Vocal Range

  • Breath-control & Tone

  • Vibrato & Riffing

  • Tone

  • Flexibility

  • Stamina & Balance

  • Power & Control

  • Know your voice & how to use it.


Feel confident and worthy

Move past fear, shyness, anxiety,  perfectionism, nervousness,& self-doubt, while you increase:

  • Freedom and Joy

  • Spontaneity & honesty

  • Soulful expression

  • Acceptance & self-love

  • Motivation & creativity

  • Embracing your unique voice

  • Personal style & sound

  • Putting yourself out there


Authentic Self-Expression

  • Set an intention, goal, dream that reflects you and your message and WHY you want this

  • Write your own songs and/or choose music that matches you

  • Create exciting arrangements

  • Polish your style & sound

  • Use imagination and visualization, relaxation

  • Rehearse vulnerability

  • Prepare mentally/emotionally

  • Body/Health Pre-show



  • Book your own show

  • Plan an amazing set list

  • Choose musicians

  • Lead rehearsals

  • Speak up for yourself

  • Work with venues/vendors

  • Organize your time/energy

  • Boundaries/Communication

  • Handle feedback, self-reflection

  • Get the word out there about your show & fill the room

  • Handle setbacks like a pro