How to Sing Your Heart Out — Without Freaking Out!

  • Do you *love* to sing but stop the minute anyone walks in?

  • Are you ready to stop hiding and start singing out with confidence?

  • Do you feel tension, strain or frustratingly inhibited and limited on stage?

This video will help you more deeply understand and identify the fears that may be blocking you from singing your heart out. It provides powerful tools to support you in mindfully letting go of those fears so that you can perform with more awareness, authenticity and power.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Pay attention tothe impact your thoughts and feelings have on your singing

  • Notice your actual voice and what is happening physically as you sing

  • Be in your body and make room for your true voice to come out

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 “The best compliment I can give Ruth was that shortly after I started working with her, my brother said to me: Wow you can really sing!” “I found Ruth to be an extremely knowledgeable and talented voice coach. Her patient manner immediately put me at ease, and her attention to detail helped boost my confidence. Since studying with Ruth, I’m singing the lead on many songs in my children’s entertainment band! I wholeheartedly recommend Ruth. She will help you improve regardless of your level of experience.”
~Norah Maher, NYC

“Ruth is an excellent vocal coach with a clear understanding of how the voice is supposed to work and how to put a student right at ease. I couldn’t recommend her more.” ~Krista Andrese, NJ